Monday, February 7, 2011


Hello my friends!

Back by popular demand, or at the very least, by the request of a few friends. It has been half a year since my milestone birthday, and my last blog, so forgive me if I am a little rusty. I have a few blog post ideas but have decided to share someone else's first.

Anthony is a high school senior at Bernards and has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy( please google for more information on this disease). Fortunately for Anthony, he is the ultimate optimist, and now has his own blog to share his positive messages.

I hope you will read his blog, make a comment and consider subscribing. It is far better than anything I could have written, and, this morning, it lifted my spirits!

Life is Like Football

The goal in life,

Is to get a touchdown,

But its hard to do,

With defenders around,

Make sure to hold the ball,

When you hit the ground.

Some days you run,

Others you throw,

You never know,

How many yards you’ll go,

Brace for impact,

You might be sacked.

Get some yards,

Come so close,

To first down,

But you must punt,

Some people call this,

Giving up.

One day the football,

Slips from your hands,

A fumble,

Its up to you,

Will it be saved?

Or will it be lost?

A foul is called,

When you mess up,

A mistake to learn from,

Sometimes a timeout,

Is all you need,

To learn to get out there,

And take the lead.

You may be on defense,

Offense or safety,

Its not everything,

To be quarterback,

Everyone has a part,

In the game of life.

And when that catch is received,

In the touchdown zone,

You stop a while,

And do a dance,

15 points are needed,

Winning this game,

You have a chance.

Life is a never-ending story and so is my blog.
There is much, much more to come, so keep reading my friends!

Here is Blog address:

Enjoy and let me know what you think!