Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rabbi Greene

This is a photograph as Rabbi Greene as an Army chaplin

OMG!!! I have to write about this or it will keep me up all night.

I have just been completely and totally blown away.

Here goes:

My Rabbi is leaving on Sabbatical. I wanted to write something clever for him and so I invoked the words of the late Rabbi Greene who was my Rabbi growing up in South Orange- he was actually also my backdoor neighbor.

I sent off my message last night and this morning at 6:45am I awoke to a friend request from a Lisa Greene on my blackberry. I thought, wow, that is coincidental Rabbi Greene's daughter is friending me today of all days!

When I finally got on fb later in the day, I found that it wasn't the Rabbi's daughter at all but rather another Lisa Green(not the same spelling) who grew up in my hometown. I had seen her on fb, but didn't think I knew her and I was still amazed that on this very same day as I invoke the Rabbi's memory, she would friend me.

So, I sent her a message telling her the story and then scrolled down my fb home page. Low and behold, there in front of my eyes was a remembrance poem that is said on Yom Kippur and Lisa had it written as a Jewish Remembrance.

Of all days, I mean, after all, it is not Yom Kippur. But it is the day I remembered Rabbi Green and his wise words. It is a day of Remembrance!

I usually don't buy this stuff, but I definitely think Rabbi Greene wanted to let me know, that he knew, that I had remembered him. And perhaps he used Lisa Green, a grievance counselor to do so. WOW! Does that blow your mind?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Last week was a wonderful beginning for me. I actually ran. It is a super feeling to break a mental barrier and do something you haven't done before(or at least not in a long while).

Well, I did it! I'm embarrassed to say that I had to pay a trainer to get me started, but I did, and after two runs, I am actually still going.

The accomplishment is small and I am still only running about half an hour, but the inner strength derived from overcoming an obstacle is hardly frivolous. I truly feel the power is infectious and affecting me in so many other areas of life.

I hate to go back to the self deprecating aspects of this blog, especially the parts that relate to my old age, but I cannot help but share this anecdote.

Today, while I was getting out of my car and chatting with my husband, I leaned over to collect all my belongings.
Purse, check.
Water bottle, check.
Eye glasses, check.
Book, check.

But where is my phone? I thought to myself. "I couldn't have left it at home," I said under my breath as I frantically searched the depths of my purse.

Oh yeah, its attached to my ear. Duh, I'm speaking to my husband! For goodness sakes, old age stinks.

Enough said.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The nice thing about not having written in a while is that anyone, of the very few people, who has been reading my blog may have forgotten about me and so I write this post mainly for myself. If you do read it, I hope you find something interesting.

It is still early but I am looking forward to today's birthday gifts. This morning, I am having a trainer come to start me running. I don't know why I am so fearful of running, and why, despite my desire to do so, I can never get myself out there. Today I will, and I am glad for that! Hopefully, along with Bar Method classes and healthy eating, I can fit into the dresses I bought last spring so that I need not buy new ones for my cousin's son's Bar Mitzvah, my son's graduation, my sister-in-laws doctoral party.

After working out I will head out on a three hour long drive to watch my son John play a lacrosse game and spend a few glorious moments with him before he boards the bus back to Deerfield and I head home. Six hours in a car is not so fun, especially after I drove nine hours down to North Carolina with Austin this past Thursday night to look at Colleges only to return on Saturday.

But, John is a starting defenseman on what is now ranked the number one high school lacrosse team in the nation, and I won't have too many more opportunities to watch him play. Next year, when he is at Denver, I am sure my husband will fly out to see his games while I hold down the fort and more than likely, I will only get to see him when he plays out East.

With my eldest son graduating high school in a months time, I am hyper-aware of how the time is flying by and my birthday gift to myself is to take advantage of all my moments with my boys. I don't want to miss out!

As my friend Kathy once said, "No regrets", easier said than done. I can always look back and think of things I have done well and others I could have improved upon. But, fortunately, I think the former outweighs the latter and I will continue to work so that I can reflect on my life with positive feelings.

I just learned my friend Karen from Maine has started a job at a book store, one of my many fantasies. As I wrote on her fb page, working in a bookstore, owning a small general store or bookstore/eatery, or owning a B&B- all dream jobs(at least from the outside looking in). Just thinking about my friend doing something she loves is a birthday gift for me.

My trip to North Carolina took Austin and I to UNC Chapel Hill, Elon and Wake Forest. I was certain Elon would be the perfect school for him. Just shows you, you must visit! While Elon is beautiful and perfect for many students, it was not a good fit for Austin. Lesson learned!

Spring is here. The early hot days brought early blooms and I love seeing and smelling the lilacs in my yard- usually a Mother's Day gift but now here early.

Just received two phone calls from good friends Kathy and Leslie. It is always nice to touch base with close friends. I so appreciate their friendship and my other dear friendships. Yesterday, my friend Susan, from Westfield, came by for a visit. We don't get to see each other often but our friendship is as solid and meaningful as when we lived close to one another. Some friendships stand the test of time and distance and Susan's is one of them. I am truly blessed and consider my friends to be among my most precious birthday presents.

Happiness. Such a vital commodity. I feel good when those around me are happy and I try to live my life to create happiness for my family and friends. What makes us happy? I am certain there are many books written on the subject- most recently, I believe there is one entitled the Happiness Project- I will have to read that one- I suppose having a purpose, giving love and feeling loved are among the top promoters of happiness. Being happy is a birthday gift and I am grateful for the happiness I feel today.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Back from Islamorada in the Florida Keys where I just had my first ever painkiller followed by sex on the beach.

Now don't get all bent out of shape, I was with two girlfriends(let's call them the k2s), their sons, and my youngest son Reid. The painkiller and sex on the beach are just drinks-really, really great drinks!!!

The days went something like this. Wake up to a beautiful sunrise, take a nice walk, lounge in the sun, read a good book, painkiller, sex on the beach, lunch, pina colada, and dinner on the other side of the road watching the most magnificent sunset.

Proud to have tried snorkeling- cold water isn't my thing, but I jumped in (with a little coaxing from the k2s),and lasted for a few minutes.

The crowd went parasailing minus fraidy cat, who couldn't even ride in the boat lest I faint watching my son up in the air.

Who shall I blame for these fears- why not mom, she is used to getting blamed and would probably proudly own up to passing on this trait since she would actually view instilling fear in your child as a lesson in good parenting-well taught and well learned.

One day we took a trip to Key West which I am very happy to have visited.

Oops, I almost forgot to mention the most exciting part of our trip. Our flight down was on a private plane and that is, at least for me, a once in a lifetime experience that I so enjoyed!!

My fiftieth year is flying by and thus far I can say it is being filled with many rich experiences and memorable moments. This Florida vacation with my son and dear friends is a highlight I will always cherish.