Monday, September 13, 2010

Shana Tova

We look to the future with hope - yet with trembling,

Knowing that uncertainties accompany the new year.

Help us, O G-d to look forward with faith,

And to learn from whatever the future may bring.

If we face disappointment,

Help us to learn patience.

If we face sorrow,

Help us to learn sympathy.

If we face pain,

Help us to learn strength.

If we face danger,

Help us to learn courage.

If we face failure,

Help us to learn endurance.

If we achieve success,

Help us learn gratitude.

If we attain prosperity,

Help us to learn generosity.

If we win praise,

Help us learn humility.

If we are blessed with joy,

Help us to learn sharing.

If we are blessed with health,

Help us to learn caring.

Whatever the new year may bring,

May we confront it honorably and faithfully.

May we know the serenity which comes to those

Who find their strength and hope in the Lord.

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