Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rabbi Greene

This is a photograph as Rabbi Greene as an Army chaplin

OMG!!! I have to write about this or it will keep me up all night.

I have just been completely and totally blown away.

Here goes:

My Rabbi is leaving on Sabbatical. I wanted to write something clever for him and so I invoked the words of the late Rabbi Greene who was my Rabbi growing up in South Orange- he was actually also my backdoor neighbor.

I sent off my message last night and this morning at 6:45am I awoke to a friend request from a Lisa Greene on my blackberry. I thought, wow, that is coincidental Rabbi Greene's daughter is friending me today of all days!

When I finally got on fb later in the day, I found that it wasn't the Rabbi's daughter at all but rather another Lisa Green(not the same spelling) who grew up in my hometown. I had seen her on fb, but didn't think I knew her and I was still amazed that on this very same day as I invoke the Rabbi's memory, she would friend me.

So, I sent her a message telling her the story and then scrolled down my fb home page. Low and behold, there in front of my eyes was a remembrance poem that is said on Yom Kippur and Lisa had it written as a Jewish Remembrance.

Of all days, I mean, after all, it is not Yom Kippur. But it is the day I remembered Rabbi Green and his wise words. It is a day of Remembrance!

I usually don't buy this stuff, but I definitely think Rabbi Greene wanted to let me know, that he knew, that I had remembered him. And perhaps he used Lisa Green, a grievance counselor to do so. WOW! Does that blow your mind?

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