Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Last week was a wonderful beginning for me. I actually ran. It is a super feeling to break a mental barrier and do something you haven't done before(or at least not in a long while).

Well, I did it! I'm embarrassed to say that I had to pay a trainer to get me started, but I did, and after two runs, I am actually still going.

The accomplishment is small and I am still only running about half an hour, but the inner strength derived from overcoming an obstacle is hardly frivolous. I truly feel the power is infectious and affecting me in so many other areas of life.

I hate to go back to the self deprecating aspects of this blog, especially the parts that relate to my old age, but I cannot help but share this anecdote.

Today, while I was getting out of my car and chatting with my husband, I leaned over to collect all my belongings.
Purse, check.
Water bottle, check.
Eye glasses, check.
Book, check.

But where is my phone? I thought to myself. "I couldn't have left it at home," I said under my breath as I frantically searched the depths of my purse.

Oh yeah, its attached to my ear. Duh, I'm speaking to my husband! For goodness sakes, old age stinks.

Enough said.

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