Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sometimes something will happen in the news that just rocks your world.

There have been a few headlines that have rocked my world and the memory of which I cannot shake.

I still remember the young married man with child, who had a drug problem and, to get money, entered his father's upscale NYC apt. masked and with a loaded gun, only to have his father's girlfriend call 911. As he fled the scene, the son shot and killed a police officer and that was the end of two lives. The untimely death of a cop who was married with young children, and the masked gunman who is now spending his life behind bars. (I remember how the father of the killer set up a college fund for the police officer's children)

Or, how about the preppy killer. A life of luxury, growing up in Manhattan, prep school, etc. and then, one night out, too much booze and a beautiful young girl is found dead in Central Park with a bra strap around her neck. Two lives gone. The young, pretty smart teenage girl who had so much to live for and the preppy kid who wasted his life in prison.

There are many more terrible examples and the murder at University of Virginia this past Sunday night is one among them. I am truly distraught about the two lives lost. The very beautiful, and athletically talented young lady, Yeardly Love, who was visciously murdered by her ex-boyfriend. And her ex- boyfriend, who in a moment of intoxicated rage, lost life as he knew it.

So sad!

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