Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bed People

"We are bed people."

My friend Donna told me that this is what her aunt said when describing her family, and I could totally relate to what she meant.

I am a bed person and I come from a family of bed people. We just like to do stuff in bed. It is where we like to hang out and where we are most comfortable.

It is now Sunday at 6pm and I am in bed typing this blog. I often lay on my bed to read or watch the news.

I remember my parents being bed people as well.

It was in their room, with them lying in bed and we children at the foot of their bed or on a nearby chair that we had our family time. Dad might be paying bills, mom reading a magazine. Sometimes we just talked, other times my dad would rub Ben Gay on a sore muscle I got from horseback riding. Once in a while I tried on a new outfit that mom and I had bought to see if my dad liked it.

Whatever it was, bed was a comfortable place then and it still is today.

I am glad Donna's aunt made the reference to "bed people". I never realized we had a title, but I suppose we do, and I like it!

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