Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Transitions are frenzied and draining. It always happens when school ends or school starts- the adjustment to a different lifestyle is taxing. This week has been no different.

My calendar has a million scratch outs and each date is filled up with writing that is barely legible. Everyone's schedule is changing daily, I make doctor appointments that need to be canceled because my kid's plans have changed. I set up college visits only to change them three or four times. I try to arrange fun family time at the beach or a friends house, but our family is never all available on the same day.

My kids have their stuff to do- workout etc. but then comes down time when I'd like them to be helping around the house or reading a book but they rather not. And I become the annoying mom who can't relax! What do they think I was doing when they were gone at their workouts?

The laundry is constant, the cooking is constant, the cleaning is constant.

The college search must happen and essays must be written, but when? The garage must be cleaned out, basement too, but when? The weeds need pulling, but when? . If I leave it up to the kids, nothing will get done and I certainly don't want to do it myself.

The details are too much. Long phone calls to Verizon for TV issues. Lines at the Genius Bar for a slow apple. Motor Vehicle renewals. Medical forms needed for college that are hard to get. A less than adequate job being done on the deck with a guy who wants more money every day. Issues, issues, issues.

It is all too overwhelming, unsettling, and plain annoying! Well, on the bright side, my children are all home, healthy and happy. Really, what more can I ask for?

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