Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Am I really going to do this for an entire year? Well, we'll see.

Today is a perfect day to write about because it was very routine and so I really need to look hard to find the beauty and gifts of today. It is certainly not the weather, which is freezing, nor is it the ironing I did this morning, which was overwhelming(men and boys really need to get over the Khaki thing).

However, while I was straightening up and ironing, I spoke with my dear friend Rosanne from Westfield where I used to live. It is so nice catching-up with good friends and that is definitely a highlight of my fiftieth year.

A meeting at my synagogue, Congregation B'nai Israel, to plan our annual fundraiser proved to be ordinary, but nice hugs from the staff made me feel welcome, which is a really nice feeling. Seeing friends who I haven't seen since 2009 was also nice. And, of course, working for a cause is a mitzvah, which is always rewarding.

This afternoon, I spoke with my close friend Amy, who is always so enlightening and who adds so much to my life. She had read my first post and, at first, was mad at me for not telling her it was my birthday,( which of course it wasn't-I suppose you will have to keep reading this blog to find out when my actual birthday is) but then she was proud of me for making a blog.

So I realized that if I never make another post, it wouldn't matter because I already accomplished more than I thought I could, which is posting a blog in the first place! But Amy shed light in another way, she pointed out that I am already halfway through my fiftieth year(oops, did I give away my birthdate), and since I can't remember how I make coffee(ask and I'll tell you that story), let alone, what I did these past few months, I will have to bend the rules a little and make my fiftieth year run from 1/1/2010-12/31/2011.

Off to take Reid to squash, as usual!

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