Thursday, January 7, 2010

I first have to apologize for spelling boredom wrong in yesterday's post. I will try to improve my spelling day by day, but I think you are either born a good speller or your not. Guess what...

This morning I have a dentist appointment. John and I finally decided to cave and take care of our teeth-for health and cosmetic reasons. My kids don't agree with me, but there is a purpose to trying to looking good at 50!!!

So, after putting ourselves at the back of the line behind, boarding school, golf school, braces, lessons of every sort, Bar Mitzvah, Bar Mitzvah, Bar Mitzvah, and yes, charitable giving, we finally decided to do something for ourselves.

If you had a few bucks to spend on yourself, I suppose you would choose teeth as well. The perfect mixture of dentist chair plastic, Listerine aroma, shrilling drill sounds and pure torture. What were we thinking? Anyway, the blessing is that the dentist is amazing, not only as a practitioner but truly a kind man!!). Hopefully we'll like the results. I don't have afternoon plans so the day is wide open and I will await to see what birthday gifts or celebrations find me.

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