Wednesday, January 13, 2010

At 5:30 this morning, John was long gone to work, the house was quiet and I wasable to get to work. I uploaded a few pictures to some of my older blog posts and I hope you enjoy them.

I then read the first chapter of Hound of the Baskervilles so that I could discuss it with my son Reid who is finding the Old English a bit put-offing. The job of mothering is never done, but it is also a gift and I am so happy for the priviledge.

This past Sunday evening, I was also blessed with the opportunity to mother in a most positive way. I hosted a movie night for my synagogue and showed the film Live and Become in my home. I had seen it with my two older sons, about five years ago, when it was shown in theaters as part of the Jewish Film Festival. Because it was so memorable, I wanted to share it with others, and so as soon as it became available, I purchased it from Amazon.

It is a very emotional movie about Ethiopian Jewry and Israel, but it is as much about motherhood, and the intense bond between mother and child.

The most rewarding aspect of the evening, is that my son Reid, and two of his religious school classmates, really enjoyed the movie and learned some important life lessons.

The gift to me is that I was able to do my job of mothering by imparting valuable lessons to my son and others. In my very small way, by sharing the light within me, I was also able to help illuminate the world, and this is a most incredible 50th birthday present.

About the movie, Live and Become

In the mid-1980s, a Christian Ethiopian boy from a poverty-stricken family is forced by his mother to pretend he is a Jewish orphan so that he has a chance at being adopted by an upper class Jewish family in Israel.

Live and Become (2008) Poster

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