Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It is afternoon and the day continued to be as hectic as the morning. Maybe the idea of writing the blog has forced me to accomplish more in one day than I would ordinarily do because having to write down and account for ones time can make one want to fill time with meaning.

As my oldest son pointed out to me while I was doing my crossword puzzle and suggested he do one to relieve his bordem, he said," I don't want to just fill up my time". Little did he know I was not "just filling up my time", but trying to keep my mind working, since, as of late, I've noticed a clear rise in forgetfulness and decline in mental abilities. As my husband likes to remind me, I am a teacher, with a post graduate degree in teaching mathematics, and I count on my fingers!

Anyway, hopefully, this drive to be busy will ease up in a few days because I can't keep up the pace. I definitely like, and need my down time.

So today I went to my Matheny meeting. Matheny, you ask,? My friend Edana has a son who was born with Angelmans Syndrome. He lives at the Matheny Medical Center which is a residency, school and hospital. A few years ago, Edana asked me to serve on the board of the Friends of Matheny- a group that helps support special programming for the Matheny students. I accepted reluctantly, but have benefited tremendously from serving. It is wonderful to give to something that gives nothing back except the emotional gratification for knowing you are helping others. At the meeting, I volunteered to do the invitations for the spring fundraiser to be held at the Jets training facility. I know I am too busy to add one more thing, but I also know the amount of work the other girls are doing and I wanted to help relieve their burden.

From Matheny meeting to my Women of Wonder class. A group of just a few women who gather every other week for an hour to study Jewish wisdom. We are on our third year, having studied Rabbi Telushkin's book of Jewish Wisdom, Pirkei Avoth- Words of our Fathers, and now a book of Notable Jewish tales.

Four of my favorite people in the world. Amy Klausner who started the group with me, Pam Ball who is running the synagogue fundraiser this year, is so capable, has been a loyal Woman of Wonder and a loyal friend, and who I really don't believe has a mean bone in her body. And, Maryanne who is in her eighties and brings so much wisdom to our group of 50 year olds. I love them all, I think they are definitely one of my birthday gifts, and I thank you for celebrating with me today. You made my second day special and I know you'll give me many more gifts throughout the year.

Meanwhile, to end this blog, I'd like to remember my Grandma Rachel. Today is her Yartzeit. It is the day we remember her life, on the anniversary of her passing. As my cousin Diana said in her comment on my recent blog, I was special to her. But mostly, she was special to me- very special!!! It is truly an honor to remember her and celebrate her life by celebrating mine.

I strive to live in her image and I thank her for being an example to me. I love you Grandma Rachel, thanks for celebrating my 50th with me!

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