Thursday, January 7, 2010

I think today I may have to settle for the simple gifts. Like the nurses hand that comforted me at the dentist's office. Its amazing how a total stranger can provide so much comfort.

Or, the fact that it is sunny outside-still too cold, but sunny. I spent the afternoon on my own, which is always a nice thing. Its good to be able to enjoy ones own company, and thankfully, I do.

On the way home from the dentist, I smiled when I thought of a gift my husband gave me last night without him realizing it.

( He actually has no idea about the premise of this blog, and he thinks the entire blogging, facebook universe is a ridiculous waste of time, which doesn't bother me since I think staring at the television watching sports all day is a waste of time).

Anyway, yesterday we were both busy, he with his work, and me with my hectic schedule and new blog. We didn't speak by phone during the day as we usually do, when I call to bother him about one thing or another.

Well, at home last night my husband said,"I missed you calling today, even though I was too busy to speak." I took it as a compliment, but as most mid-week conversations go between husbands and wives...who really listens? does anything really register? I certainly didn't recognize,until a day later, the full meaning of his words-how nice it feels to know that just your presence in this world is appreciated.

So tonight I will thank John for his kind words and let him know they were a gift to me in my 50th year.

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