Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I am really too busy to write this morning, but if I don't put down on paper or blog what is going on in my brain, I will not capture the feeling that comes to me so many mornings. I will write later about the gifts and celebrations of today, if there are any, but for now I have to capture the hectic nature of my life.

I have a Matheny meeting at 9:30 ( I'll explain later) and a Women of Wonder meeting at 11:00(another explanation), so the morning routine is rushed. Not to mention the fact that I had no milk or bread in the house this morning, and my sons didn't want any of the good breakfast options I offered, ie. coffee cake, eggs and bacon(apologies to my kosher friends, my mother makes us bacon all the time, I think she thinks its one of the necessary food groups), hot cereal, or frozen waffles. No instead, Austin made the trip to the Bagel Bin for himself and Reid.

With no bread, I couldn't make them lunch so Austin gave Reid some money since I had none-Typical! They are off to school and I check emails, there is one from my oldest son, John or Connor, whatever you want to call him-that too is a long story- asking me to free up his time by filling in a mundane questionnaire for him. Distracted by that, I will not have time to get to the market for incidentals or anything else before my meeting. I say to myself, "thats ok, I can squeeze it in in the afternoon, if I get around to it".

A call from my friend Lesley, who I will be helping with her inventory work this afternoon-evening from 4-9pm. Upstairs to shower and clean-up, get laundry downstairs, make beds-no, forget that, too busy, that will have to wait until just before bedtime, when they mess them up again. To the laundry room, where I put into the dryer clothes that sat in the washer all night because I forgot to put them in the dryer last night and anyway, if I had, they would be all wrinkled this morning, and I would have to wash them all over again. So they might have a little mildew smell, No Problem, if it's not too bad, Bounce will freshen them up. Oops, forgot, have to buy some more Bounce at the market.

Sit down at the computer to get all this craziness out of my head and realize my glasses are upstairs, one of the beauties of being 50, or almost 50, I am blind as a bat, and although I buy and buy cheapo glasses- presntly 175's, I misplace them, lose them,, and basically, never have them when I need them. Oh well, since I hate excersizing, I tell myself the stairs are good for me.

Well, just enough time to prepare for my Woman of Wonder class. Gotta go, will check in tonight. Was there anything here I can celebrate as a birthday gift? Oh yeah, as my son Austin(17) shut the door behind him on his way to school and shouted, "Love you".

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