Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It happens quite often that I sit back to reflect on how fortunate I am to have my husband in my life. They say opposites attract and opposites we are! While like all people, he is not perfect, and neither am I, he is humble, quietly self-assured, wise, and optimistic. In a nutshell, he doesn't sweat the small stuff. So I sweat for the both of us!

This past week, John read my latest blog about "getting old, ( the one with the picture of the crazy old lady), and opined that my focus on turning 50 was contributing to my feeling "old".
Instead, he suggested, I should imagine I am turning 40 and in doing so, I would feel, look and act like I was 40. Wow, the fountain of youth right here in my own mind. What a novel idea. "Why not 26", I replied. "Exactly", he said.

Reflecting on his words, I think he is absolutely right. While I have been trying to accept the inevitable, trying to embrace my 50 year old status with a nod and a chuckle, I have also been dreadfully watching the approach of the years beyond, subconsciously fretting the onset of "old age".

If, as I wrote in a previous blog, perspective is everything, then I am probably much better served heeding John's advice by perceiving a younger image and lifestyle while still accepting my age.

So, Rather than focus on what is failing, I will try to highlight what is working well and looking good. I will still laugh at my foibles, but watch out world, a 26 year old Alicia is in the making. Now, I better stop writing and get moving, so that my mind and body match my new age.


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