Saturday, February 20, 2010

Valentines Day! Last weekend John and I celebrated VDay by spending a wonderful evening in NYC. In our usual, unplanned fashion, we called my brother Jordan and his better half Trisha to join us for dinner.

My husband, (everyone , but especially Trisha, gives me flack for calling John-"my husband"- when I am speaking of him even to those who know him well). Anyway, my husband John chose a great restaurant named FishTail which I highly recommend. The chef is the renowned David Burke and the food was delicious- especially the cake-in-a-tin dessert ( We'll have to return to try the cheesecake lollipops which also looked delicious.) The atmosphere was perfect-quiet enough for my "young ears"and good conversation-and hip enough to not put us to sleep.

Special nights, planned or unplanned are really, really great birthday gifts. Its great to get out, relax, reconnect, experience something new and enjoy life.

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