Thursday, February 4, 2010

Maybe I should re-title my blog, "Getting Old".

This past week has been a rough reminder of what it really means to turn 50.

First, the Aarp card, need I say more.

Then, I went to the dentist as part of a long overdue repair project and, last night, the temporary replacement teeth, for ones that were knocked out when I was young, fell out! I sneezed and there they were in my hand. I love being reminded of my dear Grandma Rachel, but not in this way. Thankfully, I will return to the dentist this morning for a permanent replacement.

Also, I met with my youngest son's, soon to be, high school guidance counselor to choose his schedule for 9th grade. Nothing like a rude awakening, when your youngest child enters high school!

On top of all this, my eldest son received an official letter from the Selective Service arm of our US Government, to register in case of a draft. Scary!

So where's the birthday present you ask?

Well, it certainly has been harder to find these days, but last night Austin came home with some good news from school-having been selected to serve on the board of Peer Leaders. We visited my son John at Deerfield this weekend and he is having the time of his life, while maturing into a wonderful young man, and Reid traipses through life with a brilliant smile and a happy-go-lucky attitude.

My Mom is healthy and happy, and so are my siblings, their families and the rest of my extended family. My friends are really terrific- doing wonderful things, content with their own lives, and filling mine with joy and laughter.

And, while I'd rather it be warm outside, and not have the hassle of shoveling, I can still appreciate a snowfall that is clean, white and fluffy! And, more significantly, I can still give back in meaningful ways to my family, friends, and the community around me.

So, while my body defies me, the government calls me out for aging, my mind continues to slip-(this morning I couldn't retrieve the word syrup, having to call it "the stuff you pour on pancakes" for the few seconds before the appropriate word came to mind), and my children grow-up way too fast, I can relish the fact that the simple pleasures in life are still there for the taking and Thank Goodness, I can laugh at myself!


  1. Oh Alicia, thank you for this post and all of your posts. It's like being neighbors again--I love it!

  2. Awesome photo! Great blog entry.

  3. You are not getting old! You make me laugh with that photo.