Sunday, February 21, 2010

Time Well Spent

Last night I went to a Valentine's Party. I had to go alone since John was with Austin at a golf tournament and I was quite apprehensive about going.

I was nervous because I don't usually do well at cocktail-type parties. I'm just not adept at making small talk, and I inevitably end up standing alone by the vegetable platter, eating, eating, and eating. But last night was different.

Last night the guests were mostly Reid's friend's parents; many of whom I know, but not well.
I met some lovely people, and got better aquainted with others.
Reid stayed home with a few of his friends, and I am so grateful to have a son I can trust to do the right thing while I am out.

Its is also nice to live in a community where I can get out for a few hours, meet nice people, make new connections, enjoy interesting conversation, and leave the evening feeling that my time was well spent and that something good might come out of my being there.

I suppose that is a common thread running through all my birthday gifts. Time well spent.

I mean, isn't that what we would all like to know? That our time on this earth was well spent.
My birthday gift at this Valentine's Day Party and hopefully in all my days to come is
TIME WELL SPENT. That is something I strive for every minute of every day.

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