Friday, May 14, 2010

I don't want you to get all weirded out, but I think I may have experienced G-d's presence today. Call me nuts, but there I was, sitting with five women in my Genesis class and poof!!!

Well it wasn't exactly poof, let me explain.

We never got to read Genesis because we started on a deep conversation about souls, death, reincarnation, G-d, Judaism, etc, etc, etc...

Then Lisa, who is usually so quiet, began to speak about her experience as a family doctor. She told us how when she is caring for a very sick child, she often feels that G-d is there crying with her.

And then, out of nowhere, I saw her image in a doctors white jacket with a hazy, whitish aura about her body. Yes, that was it! That's what I saw. And for me, it was the first time I SAW "The Presence." Not a coincidence, not a soul connection, not a feeling, I just saw it!

I know it sounds weird, maybe phony, and yes, you might think it is just my imagination running wild. But it didn't seem like that. It seemed real, somehow, I saw a blanket of G-d's presence surrounding my friends image.

I cannot explain further. I will let this experience speak for itself.

PS. At services last night, Cantor Shana and I were discussing the events of our afternoon class.
The Cantor astutely pointed out that I might have seen an aura. I forgot that people see auras and I thought she might be on to something. It was as if Lisa was engulfed in a spirit, an aura.

This morning I spoke with my Yogi friend Pam who said that as you expand your consciousness, which I have with all my spiritual seeking endeavors, you are able to see other peoples energy and you can even see your own. But she didn't think it was an aura. She felt it was G-d's presence. Energy, Aura, G-d, call it what you will, it was an outstanding moment and a one of a kind 50th birthday gift!

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