Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Note From Kate Forristall

My friend Alicia Zurlo left a note and a pie on my doorstep in 1996. I had five little children and she had just given birth to her third son. Within two weeks we forged a relationship that felt like it had begun before we were born. It probably had. She brags about her friends' children, doesn't have a jealous bone in her body, and within two years of getting her realtor's license, was selling millions of dollars in homes...because sheactually listened to people telling her what they needed. She will be the friend I call if I am ever jailed in a foreign country because there will be NO STOPPING HER from figuring out what to do, and the way she practices her faith, the way the love of G_d infuses her being, is a gift that she gives to all around her.

This is how my friend Kate described me in her latest blog. I am posting it-not because it makes me look so good, which it does,- but because reading Kate's words made me smile ( of course, I don't remember bringing the pie-Lord knows I must have bought it, because I certainly don't think I was baking with a newborn in hand.)

Reading Kate's blog also reaffirmed the depth and richness of our friendship, and by extension, all my friendships. And yes, I would absolutely rescue Kate, or any of you, my dear friends, from a jail anywhere in the world!

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