Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Bar Mitzvah

Yesterday we celebrated my cousin Nina's sons Bar Mitzvah. Family celebrations automatically qualify as a 50th birthday gift because they are not only fun but a wonderful way to spend time with people I love.

Bar Mitzvahs are extra special occasions because they acknowledge a major milestone in a child's life.

The cliche " where one door closes another one opens" can be used to describe the Bar Mitzvah.

Bar Mitzvahs are the end and the beginning; the culmination of years of learning and hard work and hopefully, the beginning of ones life as a dedicated Jewish adult. (Not too different from a graduation.)

What should a Bar Mitzvah know after they have gone through the process?

I am Jewish
I can participate in a Jewish service
I can bring Judaism into my own home by celebrating Shabbat and other Jewish holidays
Jewish laws help me live a just life
I am required to be a righteous individual
I am obliged to participate in both my local and worldwide Jewish communities
I am expected to study Torah, pray and do acts of loving kindness
G-d expects me to live a happy and productive life

I am certain I haven't listed all that a Bar Mitvah should know at 13 years of age, but you get the gist. If you can think of other things a Bar Mitzvah should know, please comment so I can expand this list.

Mazel Tov, Grant!

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  1. (This is from Amy, not Robert. I don't know why it says that. I guess he is the one on the google account. At least I figured out how to get this posted! My big accomplishment of the day. I'll make my own account another day.)

    OK, you say you feel bad that no one comments to your blog and I feel awkward speaking to an unknown public, but of course I can't miss responding after reading this entry (is that the right term?)
    Alicia, if I even resemble the person you described here, I am so grateful. From my side, I struggle everyday to feel I lead a purposeful life and to impart the values, morals and infinitely relevant wisdom of Judaism to my children so that these teachings can guide and support them throughout their lives (long after their Bar Mitzvahs!)
    I feel kind of like you did about your neighbor in Westfield. We each see each other with rose colored glasses! You are such an amazing birthday gift to me (I will also turn 50 this year) because you always acknowledge the positive in me. This is so important and you've taught me to remember to do that for others also. We have all had our struggles in our lives and it is such a blessing to have a friend who helps me stay on track with who I really want to be, and helps to keep me from being pulled off course by the exhaustion which comes from dealing with the everyday nonsense that makes up the majority of our lives. I truly believe you were given to me as a gift! Thank you! Amy