Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day!

It is always nice to celebrate Mother's Day, and usually, we are together with my mom and mother-in-law and our extended families.

Unfortunately, this year my family will not be together.

I am in Rochester, NY with Austin at a golf tournament, my son John is at Deerfield, Reid and John will be home celebrating with my mother-in-law, and my own mother will be out with my brothers and their families.

Such is modern life. But, the wonderful news and cause for celebration is that I am a fifty year old mother who loves her children, and loves motherhood.

I have a new fb friend who is a grief counselor. Her post today gave me a new perspective on Mother's Day. While I have always been happy to be appreciated on Mother's Day, and I have always been glad to celebrate with my family, it is because of Lisa Green's post that today I am thinking of those who do not have their mother's with them and I am thinking of all the mothers who cannot be with their children.

I am so fortunate to be alive and well on this Mother's Day of my fiftieth year!!!!!


PS. I posted the above on Saturday night before Mother's Day. It ended up snowing in Rochester on Sunday morning, and so Austin and I made it home to celebrate Mother's Day with our family.

A big hug from Reid was a really terrific gift. A phone call from my son John made my day, and Austin overhearing a phone conversation I was having, stuck his head in the laundry room to tell me that I was a great mother, just a little too nervous about his life.

My husband made the day special and I received a few totally unexpected gifts. First, fb flowers which brightened my day, a message from my son's ex-girlfiend wishing me a happy day, and most significantly a text message wishing me Happy Mother's Day from a young friend who lost her mom several years ago. That was the best gift of all and one of my most precious birthday gifts to date!!!

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